What Benefits Are There for Upgrading to an Insulated Garage Door?

What Benefits Are There for Upgrading to an Insulated Garage Door?

As energy costs continue to increase, homeowners are looking for more ways to reduce their energy costs. One such area that has gained more attention in recent years in the garage. Think of your garage door as one big window. When you open this “window” all that cold air rushes into the garage.

If the garage door is not insulated, the garage is already cold to begin with, so opening the door just allows temperatures to drop even more. After closing the garage door, the cold air remains. When you open the interior door to your home from the garage, all the cold air that is now trapped inside the garage gets drawn into the home, lowering the air temperature and causing your furnace to work harder.

While it is impossible to stop the rush of cold air into the garage each time you open the door, upgrading to an insulated garage door can help reduce the degree of heat loss and provide additional benefits for your home.

Benefit #1: Insulated Garage Doors Are Stronger and Durable

The manufacturing processes used to insulate the garage door results in a more durable and stronger door. The end result is a solid door that is also lightweight and energy-efficient. As an added bonus, insulated doors do not dent and ding as easily as conventional uninsulated doors.

Benefit #2: Insulated Garage Doors Help Protect Items in Your Garage

Cold weather can shorten the lifespan of many of the items you store and keep in your garage. With your vehicles, they help avoid dead batteries, frozen fluids, and lower air pressure in the tires. Paint, oil, gas, and other fluids you store in the garage last longer with an insulated door. Not to mention, your lawnmower, snow blower, and other such items also are better protected inside a garage with an insulated garage door.

Benefit #3: Insulated Garage Doors create a Quieter Environment

The insulation helps absorb noise when the door is opened or closed. With non-insulated doors, they can be rather loud and heard throughout the home. If you work unconventional hours, having an insulated door helps avoid disturbing your family and neighbours.

Benefit #4: Insulated Garage Doors Save Energy

Your garage will not be as cold so there will be less heat loss, which means your furnace will run less often. In addition, your garage will have a more even temperature year-round. So you can use your garage for hobbies, a playroom for the kids, and more.

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