Trafalgar Case Study
The Trafalgar Park Project in Oakville Ontario utilized four different Raynor Worldwide Products. R-W’s Alumatite and Slidetite Doors on a Fire Station. Raynor DuraCoil and FireCoil rolling doors on the adjacent hockey arena. Click here to read more about this great collaborative project
Troubleshooting Garage Door Operating Issues
When your automatic garage door will not open and close, it can be frustrating. You could be stuck outside unable to open the door or inside unable to get your car out of the garage. You may be wondering why the door is trying to open but doesn’t or why it starts to open and
Expert Tips for Garage Maintenance and Inspections
If you are like most homeowners, you tend to neglect your garage until something goes wrong. When it comes to our garages, any items on your “to-do” list tend to always get bumped further and further down the list. If you have put off doing garage maintenance and inspections, now is a great time to
Garage Door Maintenance Tips And Tricks
A garage door can take up between 25% and 40% of the facade of your home and provides an important first impression to your guests. If you are considering selling your home, maintaining your garage door will increase the value of your residence. Routine maintenance of your garage door can keep it working properly and
Common Problems With Older Garage Doors
Garage doors have many qualities going for them: they are simultaneously functional and provide curb appeal; keep our garages and their contents safe from the elements, and can add value to our homes. But like many workhorse parts of our homes, we don’t give our garage doors much thought until something goes seriously wrong with
Turn Your Garage into an Oasis
Many homeowners use their garages for more than just storing cars. They are the workshops, extra storage, and all-purpose rooms designed for DIY projects. However, your garage is an untapped resource for unleashing your creativity. When you want to add value to your home and create a special space, consider turning your garage into your