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Garage Door Company of Southeastern Ontario

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407 Farnham Rd, Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5, Canada

Sans frais: 1(800) 551-047

Téléphone: (613) 969-7991

Télécopieur: (613) 969-8066

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    Whether it’s replacing a rotten and worn wooden garage door, upgrading to an insulated metal garage door, or making a selection for a new custom home, Garage Door Company of Southeastern Ontario should be your destination for overhead doors, openers, plus parts and service.

    Garage Door Company of Southeastern Ontario offers a wide choice in materials, colours, weather resistant finishes, and models with optional windows, to complement any architectural design and bring added value to your home. Insulated doors offer a higher R value and help improve your home’s energy efficiency, and the foam core also helps to eliminate denting. The newest designs from RICHARDS-WILCOX provide smooth operation, plus a quality bottom weather seal and weather stripping for total protection from the elements, and solid construction for overall security. Your family’s safety is also a top priority.

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