When Professionals Should Repair Garage Door Springs?

Published on November 18, 2022

Garages protect your assets and home while providing additional storage and flexible space. However, a functional garage is impossible without door springs that make lifting these heavy doors possible.

When you experience issues with your garage door functioning, it might be time to call a professional to repair your garage door springs.

Type of Springs on Garage Doors

It’s essential to identify the types of garage door springs you have to know when it needs repair or replacement.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs alleviate the weight of your garage door by transferring this burden to your walls. The steel frame that encases the door includes a winding bar, torsion springs, and the lifting mechanism necessary to lift and lower your garage door.

Extension Springs

Extension springs sit above double horizontal tracks that help move your garage doors. If your system uses extension springs, professionals must install a safety system that prevents these springs from snapping. 

Causes of a Degrading or Broken Spring

Below are some causes of degrading and broken springs.

Over Use Without Replacement

While most garage door springs should accommodate 10,000 to 20,000 lifts and lowers, daily use can achieve these numbers quickly. Closing and opening your doors five to ten times daily can cause spring degradation in a few years.

Wrong Spring For Your Door Weight

Sometimes installation professionals choose a spring that cannot handle the weight of your garage doors.

Extreme Temperatures or Conditions

Extreme heat, cold, and humidity might cause your springs to rust and break down more quickly.

Lack of Lubrication

Failing to apply lubricant to your garage doors might allow too much friction and lead to your springs breaking down.

Signs You Should Call For Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

Call professionals to repair your garage door springs if you notice these or other signs of a broken garage door spring. 

Doors Feel Heavier

Springs offset the weight load required to lift and lower your door. You could have broken springs if your garage doors feel much heavier during manual operations.

Garage Door Opener Strains When the Door Lifts

Since springs significantly offload the weight of your garage door, strange noises or straining while using your garage door opener could suggest worn-out springs.

Loud Snapping or Gunshot-Like Sound

Loud snapping or gunshot-like noises might mean your spring is snapping. Call professionals immediately, as your garage door won’t operate normally.

Maintain Garage Door Springs With Lubrication

One of the best ways to maintain garage door springs is to apply a lubricant routinely. Use the appropriate lubricant for your springs, and spread it evenly throughout the spring. Lubrication should extend the lifespan of garage door springs by avoiding damaging friction.

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