Broken Garage Door Cables: Why It Happens and What You Should Do

Published on August 7, 2021

It is not uncommon to find doors with broken cables. A big percentage of non-operational doors is linked to broken doors. It is somewhat expected, as the function of cables is to hold the doors in place and allow them to open, which could fail over time.

You will find that almost all garage doors have either lifting cables or retaining cables. Doors with torsion springs use lifting cables. In this case, the cables are attached to the bottom side of the door. On the other hand, doors with vertical extension springs use retaining cables.

So you might be wondering:

Why do they break down from time to time?

There are several possible reasons for the breaks. Often, it could be due to natural wear and tear, rust, or when something snugs them.

Here is a list of the reasons that could cause the cables to break:

1. Rust which can eat up the cable

2. If it gets completely unwound

3. Metal fatigue that can happen with old cables

4. When flayed cables are snagged

5. Incorrectly wound

What to do if your garage door cables break down

Can I go ahead and open my garage door with broken cables?

It wouldn’t be a brilliant idea to open garage doors with broken cables. If you try to move it, it might whip, which is dangerous. It can cause injuries to persons operating the door and those surrounding it. The best way to deal with your broken cables is to contact a professional specializing in garage doors. They will repair it, and you can use the door as usual.

Looking for a reputable professional to help you with your broken doors? RW Doors are here to help you. We understand that broken doors could paralyze your operations, and we are here to help. With just a phone call, we shall arrive in no time and fix it.

My door has a broken cable; how do I lower it?

We wouldn’t encourage you to lower the door when the cable is broken. It is unsafe, and you may get injured. It would be best if you contact an experienced professional to fit it. In the meantime, you can close the inner door and leave the door with broken cable untouched. If you have some sheets, you might want to carefully place them on the open door to cover it in the meantime.

How important is it to seek an experienced professional to repair it?

In anything, you will agree with me that safety should always come first. Broken cables are life-threatening, and you should accord it the seriousness it deserves. It is not unusual for people to get injured while trying to open or fix a garage door. It shouldn’t be the case, as there are experienced professionals who could come to your rescue.

Should your door cables break at any time, you can always call us, and we shall fix them in no time.

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