Garage Door Installations: Expectations and Things to Consider

Published on April 10, 2024

A garage door installation or replacement happens quite rarely since these doors last many years. However, knowing what to expect during a garage door installation when the time arrives is helpful. 

Keep reading to learn more about the process, and then let our team help you find your perfect garage door!

Before the New Garage Door Installation

When you hire a reliable garage door installation business, a typical process starts with a consultation and some vital preparation steps.

Step 1: Pre-Installation Consultation To Size Up and Order

The first step in installing a garage door is a consultation appointment with a local professional like Richards-Wilcox Garage Doors. The team will examine your existing garage, take a few measurements, and offer recommendations. 

They may also provide an upfront quote for the service.

Step 2: Prepare for Installation Day For a Clear, Safe Workspace

Before the garage door technicians arrive, the space needs to be clear enough for the installers to work. It could mean clearing out a lot of space in your garage for a smooth, flat surface that’s free of vehicles, large yard equipment, tools, and other obstacles. 

During Professional Garage Door Installation Services

The installation should be much simpler if your garage space is clear. Here’s what to expect:

Step 3: The Garage Door Professionals Do the Heavy Lifting

When the experts install your garage door, give them space. Take children and pets to a safe spot so that there’s no distraction or danger as the delicate installation processes kick off. The average garage door installation may take four to six hours, but check with your team for details.

Step 4: Expect Cleanup and the Removal of Your Old Door

Reputable garage door installation companies take away your old garage door and clean up the work area. The rest of the payment is also due at this time.

Step 5: Ask Questions and Test the Door

Your installers will show you how to operate your new garage door and opener, so ask your questions and voice your concerns while they’re there. You should feel comfortable using your garage door before the team leaves.

After Installation: Maintaining Your Garage Door

Following this garage door installation process, you’ll want to keep your investment in top shape with periodic maintenance visits. 

Working with the same company that installed your door for garage door repairs is an excellent idea if you had a good experience with them. Remember, if something ever goes wrong with your doors, it’s safer to call the garage door repair professionals rather than try to fix anything yourself—garage door repair can be dangerous! Please visit our dealer finder tool to locate the R-W authorized dealer that is nearest to your location.

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