Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Published on November 14, 2023

The exterior of your home is just as much a part of your home as the other three walls and roof that surround your primary living space. Therefore, it’s understandable that it could raise or drop your property value and curb appeal, depending on its design and condition. We’ll discuss ways to upgrade your home’s exterior. 

Incorporate Veneer Accents

If you’re looking for more elegance, add texture and colour to your garage walls by incorporating accent veneers into your traditional garage sidings. Whether you have brick or PVC, use fibre-cement stone veneers that look like genuine stone to the bottom half of your exterior walls.

Add Surrounding Lights

Sometimes, the best ways to upgrade your home’s exterior don’t include replacing parts to increase resale value and aesthetics. 

By adding the right accent lighting, you not only illuminate the path for residents and visitors (making them practical), but you also get to highlight features around your home for more appeal. For instance, place them above the door alone to further accentuate it. Otherwise, line the edge of your garage’s rooftop with lights to cast an even glow across the entire structure. 

Lighting fixtures should also match your structure style. For instance:

  • Ornate and decorative fixtures match Victorian-era styles
  • Simplistic scones or recessed lighting suit minimalistic or contemporary houses 
  • Lanterns complement rustic, ranch, or cottage-style homes

Replace Your Garage Door

Sometimes, the best way to improve the exterior of your home is to replace the Garage Door. After all, it’s usually the largest component of the front of your home.  

When updating the door, look for high-end materials garage doors that won’t damage easily, such as steel, aluminum, or fibreglass, especially if you own a modern or contemporary-style house. However, you may find a Ranch-Style or Carriage-House Garage door that fits your home better. So consider aesthetics that’ll bring your entire property together. 

Colours also make a statement, so choose colours that appealingly contrast with its surroundings. Otherwise, for more minimalism, try to match your door to your home’s siding and allow the trim to stand out instead.

Property upgrades are never easy (or cheap), and sometimes, home improvements leave things looking worse than before. That’s why you need an experienced team that understands your home’s needs to avoid decorating disasters. 

Richard Wilcox in Canada has been around since 1912; we introduced steel sectional doors in the 1970s and produced one of three continuous polyurethane-insulated section lines in North America in the 1980s. With our constant evolution and growing knowledge of everything garage-related, trust us to relay what your structure needs.

If you’re interested in looking for a new Garage door for your home. Please find your local R-W Dealer and review our Design-A-Door feature to find the perfect door for your home.

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