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R-W Lunch-and-Learn Continuing Education Courses

If you’re an architect or architectural firm looking to continue your education and maintain your AIA CES license, join us for a R-W lunch-and-learn course and let us help you satisfy your continuing education requirements.

Richards-Wilcox is a registered Continuing Education System (CES) provider with the American Institute of Architects (AIA). During our courses, you’ll learn about product selections and door specifications in order to select the perfect commercial door for your building application.

We currently have the following courses available, each earning 1 or 2 AIA CES Learning Unit(s) and Health Safety Welfare credit(s).

Commercial Sectional Door Course – AIACOMSEC14

Course Overview Section: (1) Performance Factors; (2) Building Clearances, Track Mounting & Type; (3) Applications; (4) Special Applications & Options; (5) Appearance/Aesthetics; (6) Commercial Operators

Commercial Wind Load Course – AIACES160B

Course Overview Section (1) Wind Load Overview; (2) Regulating Bodies and Their Differences; (3) Determining the Necessary Information to Specify the Correct Door; (4) Calculating the Required Design Pressure (±psf)

Fire Door Course – AIAFIREDOOR16B

Course Overview Section (1) Overview of Fire Systems; (2) Automatic-Closing Device & Detection Equipment; (3) Building Codes, Standards & Labeling; (4) Systems & Applications

RapidCoil Course – AIACES159B

Course Overview Section (1) When to Use a High Performance Door & Factors to Consider; (2) Common Characteristics of RapidCoil High Performance Doors; (3) Understanding Gravity Doors vs. “Push Pull” Gear Driven Doors; (4) Understanding the Total ROI (Return on Investment)

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