3 Popular Commercial or Industrial Garage Doors Styles

Published on March 12, 2022

When it comes to garage doors on the industrial or commercial front, we always look for robustness, value for money and something that is functional and gets the job done. Today we’re having a look at three popular commercial-type garage doors and what they have to offer. We hope this will help you get to your decision for your door.

#1 Rolling Steel Doors

Steel doors are highly sought after because they provide longevity, strength and reliability. As a business owner, you tend to have more peace of mind that your goods are locked up safely behind a steel garage door.

The rolling feature makes the roller door easy to open and close without much effort. People tend to commonly use the roller steel garage door as shutters on a vending kiosk or to close off interior spaces as a means of preventing dust from spreading. If this is not enough good news, then you’d be pleased to know that some insurances cover stores with these steel roller doors since they provide a barrier in the event of fire too.

Pros of steel rolling doors

  • Customizable
  • Strong
  • Saves space
  • Good security

#2 High-speed Roll-up Doors

Like its name suggests, high-speed roll-up doors are a favourite choice because of their speed at the opening. Talk about a time saver. The roll-up doors’ speed is also perfect in food industries, especially concerning how refrigerators shouldn’t be left open for a long time.

Pros of high-speed roll-up doors

  • Fast access
  • Security
  • Energy efficient with less heat loss
  • Less noise
  • Less time for contamination

#3 Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead sectional doors are also named after the way they look. For example, sectional overhead doors work and look like typical garage doors with an option of three sizes. The three sizes in overhead sectional commercial doors include full-vertical, high lift and standard.

Pros of overhead sectional garage doors

  • They provide good security
  • They are often rust-proof
  • They can be made in small and large sizes
  • They provide excellent insulation

So, now that you see the advantages of the three most opted garage doors in Canada, which would you pick?

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