Troubleshooting Garage Door Operating Issues

Published on July 20, 2019

When your automatic garage door will not open and close, it can be frustrating. You could be stuck outside unable to open the door or inside unable to get your car out of the garage. You may be wondering why the door is trying to open but doesn’t or why it starts to open and then closes. Other times, the door might not even open or close at all.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you may want to consider:

  • The power is off. If the automatic garage door opener is not getting power, it will not work. Check your breaker box to see if the breaker needs reset. If you have a unit that plugs into an outlet, verify it is firmly plugged in and reset the outlet if it has a reset switch.
  • The infrared eyes are blocked. At the bottom of the door on both sides are small electronic infrared eyes that create a beam. If the beam connection is blocked, the door will not open or close. Check to make sure there is nothing in the way and the eyes are free of dirt, cobwebs, and dust.
  • The garage door is locked. If the locking mechanism was turned, it will prevent the door from opening and closing. Verify the handle is in the unlocked position.
  • The remote needs new batteries. Replace the batteries and try the remote again. If the remote still won’t work, try the manual switch in the garage to see if that opens and closes the door. If it does, then you need a new remote.
  • The door has fallen off the door track. If the door is jerking or shaking when it opens and closes, look to see if it is still on the door track. If not, avoid using the door until your garage door technician can put the door back into the track and fix it.
  • The door is heavy and difficult to open. Check above the door to see if the torsion spring is broken. Inspect the cables connected to the spring and door to see if these are damaged or broken. Both of these things can make it very hard to open the garage door and require a service call to fix.
  • The door closes but then opens back up. Modern doors have an auto-reverse feature if the door comes into contact with an object. If there is nothing in the way, this setting needs adjusting.
  • The door opens up part way and stops. Try lubricating the door track and wheels with an approved lubricant. If that doesn’t work, then the limit setting needs adjusting.

If you try these tips and are still having problems and need a garage door repair or even a brand new garage door, Richards-Wilcox Doors is here to help. Please feel free to explore our website – RW garage doors to check out our current door selections, find a local dealer, or contact us directly for further assistance.

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