Tips and Tricks to Spring Clean Your Garage

Published on February 7, 2021

Over the winter, a lot of things can happen in your garage, like tracking in dirt on snow and ice or using it for temporary storage. As spring weather arrives, it is a great time to give your garage a detailed spring cleaning.

Depending on the size of your garage, and the amount of clutter it has accumulated over the winter or several years, you should set aside at least two days to get things cleaned and organized. Tackling spring cleaning in the garage can seem like a daunting task if you approach it as one huge project.

Instead, think about the best approach to getting things organized and cleaned. Start with a small section and work on one section at a time. Another great suggestion is to think about what things will be the easiest to get done quickly and which ones will take longer to do. You will want to do the quick and easy tasks first, like clearing out recyclables and trash.

As you go through the things in your garage, think about whether you have used the items recently or not. Generally, if you have not used it in over a year, you should discard it. However, this rule does not apply to tools, gardening materials, and other such things you may only use occasionally or seasonally.

The other thing you should do is to set items into different groupings such as keep, donate, recycle, trash, etc. For anything you are not keeping, have a plan in place to quickly get rid of the items so you can free up the storage space inside the garage.

After the garage is emptied, out, you will want to dust, sweep, and mop the garage floor. You should also give your garage door a good cleaning to remove cobwebs, dead bugs, dust, and dirt. Cleaning should be completed before moving the things you intend to keep back into the garage.

Now is also the perfect time to also schedule annual maintenance for your garage door. Your garage door technician can inspect the door, make repairs, and lubricate moving parts. You may also decide to replace your garage door with a new one with energy-efficient features, like insulation.

Once the garage is cleaned out, as you move the items you are keeping back in, consider where you will put them. You could hang things on the walls, install cabinets and countertops to create storage space, use clear storage totes, or install some shelving. Your goal is to make sure everything is organized and easy to find when you need it.

Most importantly, do not overlook overhead space, which is perfect for hanging up bikes, ski equipment, and other such things to keep them off the floor.

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