Tips on Winterizing Your Garage

Published on November 21, 2018

Did you know your garage plays an important role in your home’s heating costs during the winter? If your garage is not properly winterized, it can lead to heat loss from not only the garage but the rest of the home as well. In addition, anything you have stored in your garage could also be affected by the colder temperatures.

Taking the time to winterize your garage, not only means you can help reduce your home’s heating costs, but also create a warmer garage for your vehicle and the rest of your belongings you have stored there.

Here are some Garage Winterization tips:

  • Check if air leaks around the door and any windows: To do this simply close the garage door and shut off any lights inside the garage. Look around the door and see if you can see light coming in. If you do, then there are air leaks. With windows, run your hands slowly around the frame and over the window. If you notice an air draft or change in temperature, air leaks are present and need to be sealed.
  • Seal up window air leaks: You will want to caulk around the windows to seal up the frame. For the window, itself, there are kits you can buy to put over the window and act as a barrier to the cold or upgrade your windows to modern, energy efficient ones with arctic zone protection.
  • Fix leaks around the garage door: You can have your garage door repair tech install new weather stripping around the door, as well as an arctic grade bottom seal.
  • Add insulation to the exterior walls: If your garage does not have any insulation or very little, heat loss transfer will still occur, even with an insulated garage door. Most people are surprised by how warm their garage is in winter with well-insulated walls and an insulated garage door.
  • Replace the door with a new, insulated garage door from Richards-Wilcox: R-W residential garage doors are designed with the Patented Weatherlock™ System that includes the exclusive WeatherLock™Section Joint, Dual Fin Triple Contact Weather Seal and Arctic Grade Bulb Shaped Bottom Seal with a Dual Contact aluminum retainer bottom. RW doors also include environmentally-friendlyNeufoam™ polyurethane insulation.

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