Terms and Conditions

1.) Prices:

Prices are in Canadian Funds unless otherwise stated, and are subject to increase to cover any applicable sales or other tax which Richards-Wilcox Canada (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) is required by law to pay or collect as a result of this transaction. Freight charges, if included in the price, are subject to revision to conform with prevailing freight rates at the time of shipment. Price quoted is firm provided the order is received within thirty (30) days from the date of this quotation and delivery is accepted as quoted or when ready for shipment unless otherwise agreed in writing. Shipments required later than quoted shall be at prices prevailing at time of shipment unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2.) Product Quotation

Richards Wilcox provides the opportunity to price items not in the price list through contact with our customer service group. Richards Wilcox’s quotation service is intended to assist distributors with complex jobs. The accuracy of the quotation is directly related to the thoroughness of the information provided by the distributor. Should the information be open to interpretation or be modified for any reason, any previous quotation(s) is void and a quotation revision is required. Richards Wilcox reserves the right to modify any quotation based upon new information acquired.

Please note the following when requesting a quotation from Richards Wilcox:

a.) Your request should include complete specifications, appropriate delivery schedule(s), door size(s), quantity(s), type(s), and any exceptions and the due date of the quotation.

b.) Requests for quotes should be faxed to Richards Wilcox at (905) 625-0057, by phone at (905) 625-0037, or email sales@ rwdoors.com.

c.) Richards Wilcox will interpret your specifications and send you a quotation. This service is offered to Richards Wilcox distributors to assist in providing accurate and timely quotation information. It is the responsibility of the distributor, upon receipt of the quotation, to immediately review it for accuracy and completeness and notify Richards Wilcox of any discrepancies.

d.) Quotations are always made at net price.

e.) A quote is valid for 30 days.

f.) Quotes supersede price changes for the term of the quote

3.) Shop Drawings

Richards Wilcox will create Approval Drawings and/or Field and File Use Drawings that show the elevation, specification, jamb details and other information concerning the type and style of the door and/or opener. Richards Wilcox will retain shop drawings and relevant documents for one year.

a.) Approval Drawings: an architect, construction specifier, contractor, building owner or facility manager may require a drawing
for approval before an order is placed. Some applications always require Approval Drawings:

i.) Swing-up or carry-away posts
ii.) Contour track
iii.) Low headroom incline track
iv.) Door behind a door

To request an Approval Drawing:

Complete the appropriate Richards Wilcox Doors Specification/Purchase Order Form and clearly mark the box “Drawings for Approval.” Fax the completed form to (905) 625-0057, mail it to your Customer Service Team at Richards Wilcox 5100 Timberlea Blvd. Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2S5, or email [email protected].

A request for an Approval Drawing will not be initiated until the appropriate Richards Wilcox Specification/Purchase Order Form has been submitted.

A completed Approval Drawing and a Quotation will be sent to the distributor, typically within five (5) working days, via First Class mail or faxed unless another form of delivery has been requested. Alternative delivery charges will be billed to the distributor.

Any changes to an Approval Drawing must be noted clearly on the drawing in red and returned to the Technical Support Group. A revised drawing will be mailed to the distributor for final approval.

The distributor is responsible for approving the drawing and completing the appropriate Richards Wilcox Specification/ Purchase Order Form. Return a signed copy of the drawing, clearly marked “Approved,” and a completed Richards Wilcox Specification/Purchase Order Form with the box “Purchase Order” clearly marked, to your Richards Wilcox Customer Service Team.

b.) Field and File Use Drawings: are permanent records for projects that do not necessarily require an approval, or for
applications that are not required by Richards Wilcox for approval. Typically these will be mailed or faxed within ten (10)
working days.

To request a Field and File Use Drawing:

i.) Fax your request to the Richards Wilcox Technical Support Group at (905) 625-0057, or email [email protected].
ii.) Be sure to include all relevant R-W order/serial Numbers and clearly indicate “Field and File Use Drawings.”
iii.) Completed drawings will be sent, to the distributor, typically within (10) working days.

c.) Shop Drawings are subject to a standard process fee.
This policy applies to all products that are purchased through Richards Wilcox. Please include all of the following information on each purchase order to ensure accuracy and consistency of your order.

d.) Your distributor account number

e.) “Ship to” address. If the “ship to” address is different than the billing address, please note on our Richards Wilcox Doors Specification/Purchase Order.

f.) Authorized contact name.

g.) The distributor purchase order number. (With or without a job identification name or number.)

h.) Your standard load date, based on Richards Wilcox’s published loading schedule. If a load date has not been specified, the customer service representative will verify a date. If the load date is not Purchase Order specified, then the order will be loaded on the next available truck according to Richards Wilcox’s truck loading schedule.

i.) Date of order (today’s date).

j.) The Richards Wilcox delivery route code, referred to as the “ship via.”

Purchase Order Change
Please note that depending on the order status and type it is not always possible for Richards Wilcox to change an order. If the distributor changes the order, the following guidelines are provided to determine applicable charges to sales order changes:

a.) Immediately fax your customer service representative at (905) 625-0057, or email [email protected]. Changes must be received within 48 hours of receiving the initial purchase order

b.) Identify your order by your purchase order number, and, if applicable, by your acknowledged six-digit RW Serial Number.

c.) Clearly indicate how you would like your order changed.

d.) Specify your delivery requirements. Please note that changed orders may not always ship on your next available truck. Changed orders will require additional lead-time.

e.) Carefully examine and verify the acknowledgement for your changed order. Please note that your changed order may affect the price of your order.

Distributors are encouraged to use written purchase orders at all times. Errors on orders placed by verbal purchase order will be the responsibility of the distributor.

Purchase Order Cancellation
Please note that depending on the order status and type it is not always possible for Richards Wilcox to cancel an order. If the distributor cancels the order, the following restocking fees may apply

Restocking Fees:
Standard Product 25%
Non Standard-Not Applicable

Note: Non Standard Product Orders cannot be cancelled if production has begun.

If an order changes or is cancelled, or a shop drawing has been submitted via phone, Richards-Wilcox requires a copy to be faxed at (905) 625-0057 or emailed to [email protected]

4.) Return Policy

Return Policy To ensure proper processing of a product return please adhere to the following:

a.) The distributor and/or territory manager will contact an R-W customer service representative with a complaint.

b.) The customer service representative will immediately issue a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number for the complaint.

c.) R-W will enter the following information provided by the distributor and/or territory manager on the RGA form:

i.) Name of distributor
ii.) Address of distributor
iii.) Serial number of item(s)
iv.) Part description
v.) Description of distributor complaint
vi.) Initials of the customer service representative completing the form
vii.) Date of complaint form completion

d.) Once the product has been received it will be accounted for through internal documentation. An investigation will be conducted to determine the root cause of the problem within 30 days. R-W may or may not issue credit because of the root cause investigation. The distributor will be notified if credit will be issued.

If product is being returned for non quality reasons a restocking fee of 25% will be applied. Note Non Standard Product
Orders cannot be returned and are considered the property of the distributor.

5.) Postponing Shipment Policy

From time to time it may be necessary for a distributor to postpone shipment of an order that has already been produced by Richards Wilcox. Please review the following guidelines when postponing shipment of an order:

a.) A specific ship date must be given. If a specific ship date has not been issued, the order will proceed with the normal processing schedule and will be scheduled for the next truck.

b.) Richards Wilcox customer service must determine if the product is not in production, is in production, or if the order has been

Please note that depending on the order status and type, it is not always possible for Richards Wilcox to postpone shipment of an order. The following guidelines are provided to determine applicable charges to postponed orders:

Postponement of orders that have been manifested:
If the product has been manifested, the order will not be postponed.

6.) Taxes:

if included are as stated; however, any license fee, sales or other tax which may be levied, assessed or imposed by any Government authority on any of The Company’s products subsequent to the date of this quotation shall be added to the price therefore and be paid by The Buyer. Any increase in The Company’s costs in purchasing materials, or in manufacturing, processing, selling or delivering its products resulting from any Governmental tax or regulation of industry subsequent to the date of this quotation shall be added to the selling price and be paid by The Buyer.

7.) Invoicing and Terms:

Goods will be invoiced on shipment, terms of payment will be net thirty (30) days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed in this quotation, and will be subject to The Company’s credit approval. Should shipment of material or completion of The Company’s performance be delayed or scheduled subject to instructions or performance of The Buyer or his sub-trades, by virtue of revised delivery schedules of The Buyer, or as a stipulation of contract terms, The Company reserves the right to progress bill for material which is ready. Terms of payment for progress billings will be net thirty (30) days.

8.) Sub-contracting:

The Company reserves the right to sub-contract all or part of the supply or manufacturing of the equipment.

9.) Title and Recourse:

The title and ownership of the equipment shall remain in The Company and shall not pass there from to The Buyer, its successors or assigns, until full cash payment to The Company shall have been made. The Company reserves the right and The Buyer agrees without protest or obstruction to allow the removal of the equipment or such other action as The Company may deem advisable, in the event of non-payment or any breach of contract on the part of The Buyer. The Company does not undertake to waive any of its rights or the rights of others granted it or them by law or by virtue of any conditions of agreement or contract

10.) Site Conditions:

The Company shall not be liable for maintenance of site conditions, heating, hoarding, or any costs attributable to maintenance of such conditions due to any failure or malfunction of The Company’s products or any delay occasioned in the installation of such products due to reasons beyond its reasonable control.

11.) Inspection:

Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately upon their arrival and shall within ten (10) days of their arrival give written notice to The Company of any claim that the same do not conform with the terms herein stated. If The Buyer shall fail to give such notice, the goods shall be deemed to conform to the terms hereof, and The Buyer shall be bound to accept and pay for them in accordance with the terms hereof. No inspection fee will be payable by The Company except as may be stated herein.

12.) Guarantee:

For a period of one year, after date of shipment or performance by The Company, The Company will replace F.O.B. point of manufacture any part including electrical and electronic equipment, provided that such is returned F.O.B. point of manufacture subject to the prior written consent of The Company. The Company’s liability is limited to this guarantee and such replacement shall be fulfillment of all of The Company’s liability regarding the equipment unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Company shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, loss of profits, for work done, material furnished, alterations or repairs made by others, or under any warranty of guarantee unless extended in writing by an executive officer of The Company.

Concealed Damage
If you receive products or components from R-W with concealed damage, you must report this damage within 30 days from the date you received that shipment. After 30 days, R-W will not be responsible for any damage found on any delivered products or components. All reports of damage must include the R-W SN, date of receipt and a description of the nature and origin of the damage. R-W may ask for photographs when returning the product through the return goods authorization procedure. Or R-W may ask the distributor to hold the product to allow the Territory Manager or truck driver to assess the damage and allow R-W to implement additional quality improvements.

13.) Standard Warranty

The company warrants equipment or material to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service, it’s obligation under this warranty being limited to the repair or replacement of any part or parts of it’s own manufacturing which shall, within one year after date of shipment of such equipment to the purchaser, be proven to the company’s sole satisfaction to have been defective in material or workmanship. Provide further that the purchaser shall have given the company notice of such alleged defects promptly, and further provided that the said material or equipment shall be maintained in it’s original installation or shall have been in the continuous possession of the original user. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including, but not limited to, any warranty or merchantability, and of all other obligation and liabilities on the company’s part. The company neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any other liability in connection with the sale of it’s material or equipment. There are no other warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Manufacturer makes no representations what so ever in regard to performance ability of items manufactured. This warranty shall not apply to any material or equipment which shall have been repaired or used outside the company’s factory in any way so as in the company’s sole judgment to affect it’s workability or reliability, nor which has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident of any description. Company makes no warranties what so ever in regard to merchandise, equipment, parts, or accessories not of the company’s own manufacture. The company’s liability in such cases being limited to such warranty, if any, as the manufacturer thereof may grant to the company and if none, to the warranties herein expressed. The company shall not be liable for direct or consequential damages of delays, if such occur, account of defective material or workmanship or delays or accelerations in shipment, nor will any allowance be granted for any repairs, alterations, work done or expense incurred in connection with any repairs, alterations, or replacements, except on specific authority from it’s head office at Mississauga, Ontario. The company shall in no way be liable or responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property arising out of the use or operation of all the materials or equipment herein described, including component parts thereof, and purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless the company from all such liability and responsibility. The company reserves the right to make any changes in design, additions to and improvements in product without imposing any obligation upon itself to install them on it’s product previously manufactured. Measurements, weights, and dimensions are subject to variations and are not guaranteed by the company