Selecting a New Residential Garage Door for Your Mississauga Home

Published on July 13, 2017

The garage door on your Mississauga home is not something you replace that often. However, eventually, the door is going to need to be replaced for one reason or another. For instance, your teenaged driver might have backed into the door with the family car. On the other hand, you could be updating the exterior of your home and want to replace the door to match your new design.

The best place to start is to decide whether you want an insulated garage door. Since most garages are not heated, you need to consider the energy costs and efficiency of the garage. The colder air in the winter months gets into a garage without an insulated door. This will cause your home’s heating system to run more often.

Insulated doors provide a much better fit to block out cold air and keep the garage slightly warmer in the winter. Additionally, insulated doors help at other times of the year, depending on which way your house faces. Insulated doors can help block out wind and keep the garage cooler in the summer. As a result, your home’s energy costs can be reduced with an insulated door.

The next step is to decide what type of materials you want in your new garage door. Four of the most common materials used to make garage doors include:

  • Wood – Wood is a great natural material to use for your garage door. It is widely used to create custom doors in various designs. However, because the door is made from wood it can require more maintenance and care compared to the types of garage door materials.
  • Aluminum – Most of your standard, basic garage doors are made from aluminum. They are very rust resistant but are not always available in a wide range of colors or insulation options. Yet, they can be customized, such as replacing some of the solid panels in the door with frosted glass panels for a more modern look.
  • Composite/Faux Wood – Doors made from these types of materials provide the look and appearance of wood, yet without the added maintenance. The faux wood doors do offer insulation and customization options. You may also stain and paint them too. Additionally, they will not rot, crack, split, or shrink, plus they are resistant to moisture.
  • Steel – Steel garage doors offer the most variety of colors, styles, and designs, which are able to be customized to your tastes. You can also find insulated doors, which range from standard insulation to premium, multi-layered insulated doors.

Keep in mind the type of materials, features, and options you select will determine the actual cost of the door.

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