Replace Your Heavy Wood Garage Door With a Lightweight Alternative

Published on December 17, 2023

Is it time to replace your heavy wooden garage door? You should consider whether to replace your heavy wood garage door with a lightweight alternative. As trusted garage door experts, Richards-Wilcox knows that lightweight doors can provide significant benefits over their heavier counterparts. To learn more about our lightweight offerings, contact a local RW Authorized dealer near you today!

The Problems with Heavy Doors

What is the point of swapping bulky wooden doors for lightweight alternatives? If you operate them manually, they take a lot of strength and can actually pose a physical danger if you don’t open and close them correctly. Even if you can open it mechanically, the weight of the door requires either a more expensive device or more frequent replacement if you opt for a more affordable motor.

However, wood doors also have other problems. They tend to warp in humidity and can increase your energy bills because of poor insulation. For these reasons, many homeowners prefer lighter-weight materials.

The Benefits of Choosing Lighter Doors

What happens after upgrading to a lighter garage door option? You’ll gain several advantages. The benefits of switching to a lightweight garage door include:

  • Easy use: Because other materials are much lighter, a door made from aluminum, steel, or fibreglass is much easier to operate. You won’t risk injury to yourself, and your operating mechanism will last much longer.
  • Energy efficiency: Wood is one of the least insulated materials, and adding insulation to it can get expensive. While other materials might not have better natural insulation, upgrading their insulation costs less.
  • Durability and longevity: If you live in a humid climate, every other material can stand up to higher moisture levels better than wood. Many alternative options also offer comparable or greater longevity compared to wood.
  • Reduced maintenance: Wood requires more maintenance than any other type of garage door. You must seal it against moisture regularly to maintain its life expectancy.

Alternatives to Wood Garage Doors

When you replace your heavy wood garage door with a lightweight alternative, what should you pick? Choosing a weight-efficient garage door replacement doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when you narrow it down to three popular options.


While many homeowners feel steel lacks style and elegance, it’s often preferable for its high durability and strength. They also require less maintenance.


One of the most popular alternatives to wood garage doors remains aluminum. This lightweight door means you don’t have to purchase an opening mechanism, and aluminum easily resists corrosion. The one drawback concerns the higher vulnerability to dents that aluminum doors have over steel ones.


Fibreglass is one of the best lightweight garage door materials because it looks more stylish than aluminum. However, it requires more maintenance than both steel and aluminum (but still less than wood) and isn’t as durable.

Richards-Wilcox Dealers Can Expertly Replace Your Garage Doors

Are you ready to replace your heavy wood garage door with a lightweight alternative? When you work with Richards-Wilcox, transforming your garage with a lighter door becomes fast and stress-free. We help you enjoy your garage year-round, no matter the weather.

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