Repairing vs. Replacing a Garage Door

Published on July 28, 2021

Are you considering garage door repair or replacement? Garage doors are an investment in your home and should be treated as such. Today, many suburban homes have attached garages. Still, older homes urban centres may have had the garage converted to storage, or perhaps have a detached garage that lacks electricity, and the garage door may have gone unnoticed.

Whether the garage door needs a little TLC or it is time to upgrade, we will discuss some factors that need to be considered before choosing one option over the other.

5 Benefits to Replacing an Old Garage Door

Investment – Installing a new set of doors on your garage is the perfect way to spruce up your curb appeal, putting value in your home. Neighbours will be impressed when they see you replace a drab, ugly garage door with something that looks modern!

Maintenance – The new garage door means less time spent with repairs and wondering whether you can get the car out of your house in the morning.

Insulation – Reduce heating and cooling costs with garage door insulation. Get the most from your investment with the insulation of the new garage door to a minimum R-Value of 16, most definitely if you like working in it throughout all the seasons!

Additional Space – You probably think that your garage is just a place to store the family car and bikes. However, you can transform a garage space into a seating area or convert it into an office if you work from home.

Safety & Security – An old garage door could make your property a target for a break-in because of an unsecured and easy access point into your house. A new insulated steel frame will discourage any thief from breaking in since several security features are built right in!

5 Benefits to Repairing an Old Garage Door

Longevity – Garage doors generally last anywhere from 15-20 years, and garage door repairs can help extend the life of your garage.

Time and Money – You can save time and money on repairs by having a garage door serviced as soon as it begins to show any sign of wear or tear. You may be tempted to try and fix that old garage door on your own, but it’s not worth the risk. Calling in a professional will make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

Convenience – Trusting a professional ensures that the work is done right, and you won’t have to waste time finding parts yourself. You may even find that repairs can be done in one day!

Safety – Time and natural elements will cause mechanical aspects of an old garage door to become unsafe to use and put yourself – as well as family members – at risk for severe injury. Get them fixed by a professional before they become dangerous to use.

Ease of Repair – Loud squeaky noises from your garage door can be a real pain to listen to and can even drive you crazy. A proper repair will replace the noisy sounds with a steady operation that’s quieter than ever before.

A Common Sight in Many Homes

Repairing may make more sense in the short term when costs come into consideration, but sometimes you won’t have the option. A replacement garage door will be more expensive, but it’s usually worth the investment and comes with a full factory warranty covering any common repairs.

Consider getting an estimate on how much repairing will be before deciding if that’s less expensive than buying new. You’ll never regret doing some research first when considering any large purchase.

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