Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

Published on September 25, 2017

The cooler months and shorter days of fall are upon us and it will not be long before winter will arrive. Now is the time to prepare your garage and garage door in Mississauga and the GTA for winter. The following are a few important things you will want to make sure to do before the cold, blustery winds and snow arrive.

Seal the Garage Door

You can check the seal on the door during the day. Close the garage door and shut off all lights inside the garage. Look for any gaps where light is coming in around, above, under, or in between door panels. This tells you the door is not sealed.

There should be weather stripping around the entire door and you should not see any light coming in from outside if it is sealed correctly. Make sure to have the door properly sealed and replace any missing/damaged seals, garage door panels, and so on.

Lubricate Moving Components and Parts

Whether you have an automatic opening garage door or have to open and close it manually, you will want to make sure all of those moving components and parts are well-lubricated. Lubrication will help prevent the parts and components from seizing up once temperatures drop below freezing.

Schedule a Garage Door Inspection

Your garage door has several moving parts and components that could fail in the winter. Now is the time to have a professional check your door to verify everything is working correctly. The last thing you want to experience is to open the door and have it get stuck open on a 20 below winter day.

Replace the Garage Door with a New Insulated Door

If you are tired of the coldness in the garage when getting into your car or retrieving other items, you might want to replace your existing door with a new insulated garage door. The insulation not only helps keep the garage warmer but also could help to lower your home heating costs.

Reorganize Your Garage

This is more of a general “housekeeping” tip, however, it is an important one you will want to do now. Move any snow shovels, your snow blower, ice melt, rock salt, etc. out of the location where you buried these items last spring. Make sure they are easily accessible because you will need them at some point this winter, like after a large snowfall blocks your garage door and the snow needs to be cleared away.

During your preparations, if you discover it is time for a new garage door or you want to upgrade to an insulated door, remember to contact Richards-Wilcox Doors at (800) 667-1572 today! Our Mississauga garage door company offer a variety of premium and customizable garage doors for your home and can help you find an authorized dealer in your area.

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