Steps To Open Your Garage Door During A Power Outage

Published on November 28, 2021

It’s amazing how automatic garage doors have made life easier. With a single click, you can keep your belongings safe and dry. It takes zero effort to open and close a big garage door. However, the advantages can turn into a nightmare real quick when there is a power outage. Don’t worry; we have tips to open garage door manually in case of a power outage. Let’s get rolling!

Steps To Open An Automatic Garage Door Manually

You must always be prepared for such scenarios, especially if you live in an area receiving heavy storms and thus a frequent power outage. There might be times with no electricity and a need to drive to work or emergencies. Do not panic; you can open the electric garage door manually simply by following the steps mentioned below:

1 - Grab A Flashlight

Keep a flashlight handy and head towards the garage opener.

2 - Make Sure The Door Is Down

Before moving any further, make sure your garage door is in a down position. Attempting to release the opener with the door open is extremely dangerous. Also, if the spring is damaged and not balanced, disengaging the opener might result in a full load of the door slamming down the ground. Further, this will cause heavy damage to your garage door and bodily injuries.

3 - Pull The Red Emergency Release Cord

The trolley of the garage door is equipped with a red emergency release cord. When the door is in the down position, you will find the cord at the front of the garage door. The trolley is attached to the garage door and opener carriage. It moves as the door opens and closes. Disengage the cord by pulling it down and towards the motor. Usually, this releases the trolley from the opener carriage; now, you can operate the door manually.

4 - Lift Up The Garage Door Manually

After releasing the cord, you must be able to move the garage door manually with no difficulty. Use the lifting handle at the bottom panel or second section of your garage door to open or close it. However, if you find the door heavy to lift, contact a professional immediately as the door will feel heavy only when the spring is broken.

5 - Reattach The Trolley

After taking your car out, make sure to restore your door to electric mode. Close the door and pull the cord towards the garage door. Reattach the trolley and carriage opener by running the opener for a complete round, which is up and down. You will hear a click sound as the trolley and carriage pass each other. Now your door is fully engaged and back to automatic mode.

The Bottom Line

After restoring your garage door to electric mode, make sure to do a remote control test. You can seek a professional for advice, like whether or not you can add a battery backup to your garage door if your area faces frequent power outages. But Voila! You are now an expert at operating the garage door both automatically and manually!

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