Levelling the Field: How to Level a Garage Door

Published on June 14, 2022

Learning how to level a garage door properly is necessary to ensure smooth and hassle-free door operation. Unbalanced garage doors are not only unsightly, but they can also pose a health hazard. An improperly-levelled garage door can open or close abruptly and cause injuries to you or damage to your car.  

Also, uneven garage doors easily incur damage. They can jam while opening and break the mechanism, necessitating expensive repairs or replacement. Here’s how to fix an uneven garage door: 

Prepare Accordingly

First, take all the necessary safety measures. Make sure to turn off the door’s power. Depending on your garage door model, you can either turn off the power at the source (the fuse box) or through a switch.

Gather the tools you need before you begin. You should have a strong ladder, locking clamps, pliers, measuring tape, a suitable wrench, and winding bars. You can also use leather gloves to prevent accidental shocks if the power suddenly surges.

Recognizing Possible Issues

Typically, an uneven garage door needs balancing to solve any opening or closing issues. Manually opening your garage door several times is the best way to identify the problem. Take note where your door seems to take longer to open or jams. 

However, if you notice frayed wires or garage door cables, you may need to call a professional garage door repair technician. They know how how to level a garage door safely, even with this issue.

Two Ways to Perform Garage Door Adjustment DIY

Issue 1: Garage door does not level when closed

Solution: Measure the gap width and the shaft and drum diameters. Chances are that the shaft or drum is loose, causing the gap.

To fix the problem, adjust the set screws on the drum located on the opposite side of the gap near the top of the door. You’ll notice that when you tighten the screws, the opposite side will rise and begin to level your door.

Next, move to the area with the gap and make mark lines on the cable drum. If the gap is wider than an inch, space the marks around a fourth of an inch apart. If the gap is less than an inch, space your marks an eighth of an inch apart.

Finally, place vice grips on the shaft and tighten the set screws on the remaining drum to line up the door. 

Issue 2: Incorrect spring tension

Solution: To adjust your spring tension safely, lean your door against the ladder to release tension and prevent the door from opening accidentally. Remove the spring from the track hanger.

For doors that open too quickly, place the spring into the higher hole. For doors that open too slowly, move the spring to the lower hole. You can also adjust the cable to see if that fixes the problem.

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