Garage Flooring: 5 Workable Tips to Creating Amazing Space

Published on March 11, 2022

Your garage floors might be the reason you no longer like spending time there. Is it dilapidated and battered? It doesn’t have to look that way. There are a couple of options to reclaim its long-lost glory. Today, we take you through five compelling ideas to make it look more appealing.

Try out the Epoxy Flooring

Do not get confused; we have the true epoxy and the epoxy paint. True epoxy is not a paint, but its application also uses rollers and brushes just as paint application. Proper epoxy is different from paint in performance, mode of action, and final finish. Whereas paints rely on evaporation to harden, epoxy relies on a chemical reaction. The final finish of epoxy is more attractive than paint and more durable – perfect for your garage.

Consider applying a new coat of paint

Garage paints can also work for you. They are the particular type that is either latex or oil-based. Considering the nature of garage floors, its paints bear non-slip properties and are resistant to solvents and salts, among other chemicals. Garage paints are designed to resist more stress and last longer than ordinary paints.

Since there are several types of paints, be sure to pick the ones designed for concrete floors. This would give you a good finish and would last longer.

Flooring Tile is another option

Tiles for flooring a garage resemble the standard tiles, except that they are made of rubber, semi-rigid plastic, or wood composite. The plastic-type are made with PVC or polypropylene. Rubber is the best pick for you if you spend more time working in your garage. It is comfortable to walk in them, just like in sport and daycare centers. On the other hand, Wood tiles offer a thrilling finish, and you might also try it.

Working with tiles would raise the floor level slightly, but it is nothing to worry about. No worries with the strength, too, as tiles can comfortably handle the weight of cars, SUVs, or even trucks. You only need good workmanship.

Consider working with floor mats

Floor mats offer a temporary solution for your garage floor. If you are looking for something simple and easy to work with, you can consider it. They are available in plastic and rubber and are easy to install without much prior preparation.

If your garage floor is prone to oil spillage, you can work with mats. Be sure to pick the thick ones and those which can be clean.

You might consider installing new garage doors as well

While revamping your garage floor, you might realize that you need a revamp the door as well. Depending on your needs, you might want to replace sections such as installing a smart garage door opener or a complete door. That is where we come in, we provide garage door solutions perfect for various floor designs. Contact us today, and we shall make your garage revamping journey a lot more fulfilling.

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