Moncton Garage Door Sales, Installation and Replacement

Richard-Wilcox Doors has been helping Canadian home owners and businesses with garage door hardware and garage door solutions for over 100 years. Founded in 1912, we established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of high quality garage door hardware.

Over the years, we expanded our operations to include residential and commercial garage doors featuring our high quality garage door hardware. Today, we still provide the same high quality garage door hardware and the latest advanced in garage doors for customers all over Canada, including in Moncton.

As the oldest commercial and residential garage door manufacturer and seller, we provide full service solutions including garage door installation, contractors, and repair services. We invite you to explore our current selections of commercial and residential garage doors for our Moncton business or home.

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We got garage doors from Richards Wilcox Authorized Dealer.
Very professional company and very professional job. You will not regret
if you deal with this company. Well done Richards Wilcox.