Torsion Springs – The Most Critical Part of A Garage Door

Published on September 9, 2021

It may seem like a small component of a garage door, but in fact, the torsion spring is like the heart of the door. Without it, there is no operating the door. If you didn’t know what the torsion spring was all about, read on to learn more. Maybe yours needs a change of torsion springs? Learn more in this post today.

What Is A Garage Torsion Spring?

You’ve probably seen this little part on a garage door before but didn’t think much of it. The part is small and looks as though it just sits there with the rest. The truth is, while this torsion spring is one of the smaller components, it plays a huge role in holding the weight and operating the door.

When the door is closed, the spring becomes tighter, and when it opens, the tension is reduced. You could even open the door halfway, and the springs will help to keep it in place, supporting the weight of the door.

Whether you have an automatic high-quality garage door or a manually operated one, the torsion spring is as important either way.

Did you know:

The garage torsion spring is typically designed to last for ten thousand cycles?

You should be able to open and close the door around ten thousand times before having to replace it. However, this doesn’t mean that maintenance isn’t required until that time lapses. The more you maintain your garage door and its components, the better it will last and work for you.

How To Tell Your Garage Torsion Springs Isn’t Working Correctly

The garage door struggles to open – If you’ve experienced it becoming harder to open the garage door manually or automatically, then this spring may need replacing.
The garage door comes down after it’s been lifted – Not being able to hold it’s place securely when lifted means the garage door springs are done. This is dangerous and needs to be fixed asap.

Not All Torsion Springs Are The Same

Torsion springs are designed to lift various weights, and this is why it needs to be replaced with the correct one.

1. The Inside Diameter (ID) is the width of the torsion spring (excluding the end cone and the rim.) You’ll need the right size to replace this part properly.

2. The wire size (gauge) differs too and is colour-coded by the manufacturer to make it easy to replace. This is sometimes located on the spring fitting. If you’re not sure, you can always get help from garage door specialists.

3. The length of the spring is important to get the right size.

4. Check if it is wound on the left or right-hand side.
Remember that some garages use two torsion springs instead of one, and these sizes should be checked to confirm a correct replacement.

The amazing thing about working with professional garage door experts is that it saves you the time and effort of working all these calculations out. You won’t need to DIY and be uncertain whether or not the spring is replaced correctly. Instead, you can have peace of mind knowing the spring and maintenance of your garage door are done 100% accurately.

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