Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY and One You Shouldn’t

Published on May 19, 2024

Your garage door is one of the most important entryways to your home. It safeguards your vehicles and other valuables. When you suspect the need for garage door repairs, you may want to save time and money by going the DIY route.

Is it a good idea, though? The reality is that you can’t DIY all garage door repairs. In this post, you’ll learn about garage door repairs you can safely do on your own, and the repairs you must always leave to experienced technicians to avoid the risk of injury. Whenever in doubt, contact us online to find a professional R-W dealer near you to help!

DIY Garage Door Repairs you can complete on your own

The following are some door repairs you can comfortably complete on your own and how to go about them:

Tightening loose nuts and bolts

Does your garage door rattle when you open or close it? You can fix this problem easily by checking the door for loose hardware and tightening it.

Bolts and nuts holding key parts of the garage door will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Grab a screwdriver and a wrench and get to work. If the noise continues, consider the next item on this list of DIY garage door repairs.

Lubricating your garage door

This is a common garage door task you should complete more frequently. Constantly opening and closing the door creates friction between all moving parts. After a while, you’ll hear that telltale, irritating sound of metal scraping against metal.

Lubricating these moving parts will stop the noise and allow your door to move freely. Be sure to use lubricants designed for garage doors and follow the manufacturer or installer’s recommendations on which parts to lubricate and which ones to leave.

Cleaning and realigning the sensors on the garage door opener

If your garage door won’t open or close, stay calm. First, consider replacing the batteries in the remote. If those are still new, the sensors might be the problem. The small sensors at the bottom of the garage door can get dirty or shift after some time.

Solve the problem by gently wiping the sensors with a soft cloth and then repositioning them.

The one repair you shouldn’t DIY: garage door track and spring repairs

The tracks and springs help hold your garage door in place. Without them, the door could come crashing down one day, injuring someone or damaging items in your garage.

If you notice that the springs are slack or the tracks are bent or jammed, don’t attempt to fix the issue. Clear the area and call an authorized garage door repair technician immediately.

Conclusion: DIY Garage Door Repairs with Caution

If you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast, you can complete minor garage door repairs on your own. However, you should always know when to drop your tools for your safety.

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