What to Do If Your Garage Door Is Opening or Closing Slowly

Published on September 7, 2020

Garage doors are more than just a door for your garage. They are connected to an intricate series of tracks, pullies, cables, springs, and other hardware that makes opening and closing them easy. Most people use an electric garage door opener to assist with opening and closing.
Over time, you may notice your garage door seems to be opening or closing slower than previously. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these, you might be able to fix on your own. Other causes may require a phone call to Authorized R-W Dealer.

Tip #1: Check the speed of the garage door opener.

New garage door openers/operators have a speed dial that can be adjusted. If you recently had your garage door installed, the speed setting may have been left at the lowest setting, which is the default setting. You can try to find the speed dial or call your garage door installer to come back and adjust it, so it opens and closes faster.

Tip #2: Schedule garage door maintenance with your garage door technician.

The moving parts that are part of your garage door and automatic garage door opener need to be lubricated so they move smoothly. When lubrication wears off, it can cause the door to jerk or move slower. Ideally, you should consider scheduling quarterly maintenance with your garage door technician. You can also do regular maintenance at your own by following these DIY tips.

Tip #3: Verify there is no damage to the door tracks.

If there are dents, dings, bend, or other noticeable damages to the door tracks, it can cause the moving wheels to get stuck and not move as fast when opening and closing the door. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the automatic opener chain to see that it is moving smoothly and there is not excessive slack in the chain.

Tip #4: Verify the door panels are aligned correctly.

This check is easy to do by closing the garage door and looking to see that each door panel is even and looks level. If any of the panels looks crocked, it can cause the door to open and close slower than normal. We recommend calling your garage door technician to fix improperly aligned door panels.

Another type of problem that can affect how fast the garage door opens and closes is when the door’s spring is wearing out. Garage door springs are under immense pressure. As such, you should never attempt to service the springs yourself as they could snap, break, and cause personal injuries.

If you suspect your garage door spring is the reason why the door isn’t opening as fast as it was, call your garage door technician. Your garage R-W Authorized dealer knows how to safely inspect, check, and replace garage door springs.

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