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Overhead Door Company of Sudbury

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2-74 National St, Garson, ON P3L 1M5, Canada

Sans frais: 1(888) 475-1397

Téléphone: (705) 566-3667

Télécopieur: (705) 566-4689

Site Web :

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    Overhead Door Company of Sudbury was established in 1960, specializing in overhead, rolling, sliding, and custom doors. Founded by Art Banting, Overhead Door has been owned and operated by John Teddy and Rodney Glibbery since 1990. John and Rodney each have over 30 years of hard work and experience in the overhead door industry.

    Located on the North-Eastern edge of the City of Sudbury, the Overhead Door Company of Sudbury has built a customer base ranging across Northern Ontario. Overhead Door customers can rely on 24 hour emergency repair service for all overhead doors. Our company is proud to provide customers with a wide selection of custom and standard doors to fit everyone’s needs; industrial, commercial, or residential.

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