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Fenton Garage Doors

Distributeur autorisé

2701 Avenue W, Brooklyn, New York 11229 United States

Téléphone: 718-763-0447

Site Web :

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    What we’re about…

    Experience – Over 50 years serving our neighbors in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Our founder, Richard C. Fenton, “Whitey,” as he was affectionately known, started his career in the early 50’s working for Anderson Overhead Door. He has been at it ever since.

    Quality Products – At Fenton Garage Doors we only distribute products from quality companies that stand behind their warranties. We won’t sell a sub-grade door just to make a sale. “We offer quality that pays, but does not cost.”

    Service – We are local and offer a quick response when called upon. We know that long after the job is completed, a satisfied customer is our best form of advertisement. Quality builders and contractors have made Fenton Garage Doors their company of choice. They know that when a job is done professionally and right the first time it saves money and keeps their customers satisfied.

    That’s our family name on the side of those trucks and the reason why your satisfaction is our main priority. There is a reason why we have been around so long. Knowledge — Product — Service

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