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Door Service by Moonlight Ltd.

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3719 57 Ave, Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1T9, Canada

Sans frais: 1(866) 578-5189

Téléphone: (403) 227-4485

Télécopieur: (403) 886-5189

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    The name says it all! After working for an previous door company for 5yrs it was time for a change of scenery but customers wouldn’t let me go. I started doing installations and service work in the evenings/weekends and Door Service by Moonlight Ltd. was born. Soon became very busy to do both and chose to go full time with our door company. We started on our acreage, in 2007 bought a building in Innisfail, joined the Richards-Wilcox family and been going strong now for 11 yrs. Our phrase “Customer Service is Always #1” is the back bone of our company. We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time so our customers are satisfied.

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