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Desert Roofing and Flooring LLC

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Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2 - Ras Al Khor Industrial Area - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Téléphone: 00971 4 3331003 / 3331 009

Télécopieur: +9 71 4 3331427

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    Offres spéciales

    Desert Roofing & Flooring LLC (DRFCO) was formed in 1978 and since then has grown to become the leading company in the United Arab Emirates within its field of activity.

    Over the years DRFCO has developed its reputation as a secure and reputable organisation, combining with proven records to top performance and quality products, able to contribute to DRFCO’S continuous pursuit of excellence. The philosophy of the company has always been one of quality and its good reputation and high standing in the United Arab Emirates has been built on that. It has concentrated on representing only International manufacturers and suppliers of repute who are pioneers in their field of activity.

    We Supply and Install and undertake maintenance of Industrial/Commercial and Residential Sectional Overhead Doors

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