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Applied Handling, Inc.

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15200 Century Dr, Dearborn, Michigan 48120 United States

Téléphone: (313) 336-8020

Télécopieur: (313) 336-0294

Site Web :

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    Offres spéciales

    Your job is to manage your facility’s labor resources and energy consumption in the least amount of space possible. Our job is to help you do this.

    Whether it is providing durable equipment that minimizes the time your workers move and store inventory, or installing doors, seals and lighting to reduce energy costs, or sharing space utilization strategies, we have been the “Go To” source for nearly 60 years.

    As your partner, we bring you warehouse solution options and resources to do your job. We know what technologies are working for others, which don’t live up to their promises and what industry best practices should be shared with your team. When the project is underway, Applied Handling is your single point of contact for application guidelines, equipment selection, approval drawings, shipping logistics as well as installation and follow-up service.

    Since 1952 Applied Handling has partnered with large and small companies throughout the world. We are proud of both the reputation we have built and the standard of excellence to which we hold ourselves.

    This dedicated and experienced team, operating out of four offices in Michigan, stands ready to be your partner.

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