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Richards-Wilcox Traditional Garage Doors feature stamped Ranch (Long) or Colonial (Short) patterns. Panel styles include Raised Ranch Raised Colonial, Recessed Grooved Ranch, Recessed Grooved Colonial, Windemere, Recessed Smooth or Mixed Panel.

Our Traditional Models include the 1 3/8” (R12) Classic Collection, the 2” (R18) Premium Collection and our Grandview Collection. The Grandview is a 2” door featuring an enlarged top section with Exquisite Windows. These models all feature R-W’s advanced Neufoam™ Polyurethane Insulation.

We also offer the Canton Collection which come in Polystrene Insulated (R9) or Uninsulated Options.

TRADITIONAL R-W Models Include:

Classic (L138)

Classic (L138)

  • 1 3/8″ Neufoam Polyurethane Insulated Garage Door (R12).
  • 13 Colour Options And 8 Panel Styles Available.


Premium (L200)

Premium (L200)

  • 2” Neufoam™ Polyurethane Insulated Garage Door (R18).
  • 13 Colour Options And 9 Panel Styles Available.


Grandview (L200GV)

Grandview (L200GV)

  • 2” Neufoam™ Polyurethane Insulated Garage Door (R18).
  • Featuring Large Dual-Pane Insulated Windows Providing Elegance To Your Home.
  • 13 Colour Options And 8 Panel Styles Available.




  • Polystrene Insulated Garage Door (R6.6)
  • Single Or Double-Sided Steel Non-Insulated Garage Doors Also Available.
  • 2 Panel Style And 4 Colours Available.




In order to achieve the highest thermal values and stability, RW sections are evenly filled environmentally friendly CFC/HCFC-free Neufoam™. The higher density polyurethane insulation in a computer controlled continuous process provides uniform insulation, superior adhesion and excellent strength to the door panels.

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TruBalance™ Drum System

The patent pending TruBalance™ Drum System provides doors built with a heavy weighted glazed top section with up to an 87% better balance than industry standard.

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WeatherLock™ System

Featuring our exclusive WeatherLock™ Section Joint, Dual Fin Triple Contact Weather Seal and Arctic Grade Bulb Shaped Bottom Seal with a Dual Contact aluminum retainer.

Standard Hardware & Standard Hardware Plus

We make beautiful doors. We also care that what’s behind them will keep your door worry and maintenance-free for years to come. We have an established reputation for exceptional quality. Our hardware components are made to the highest industry standards.

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Since 1912

Incorporated in 1912, Richards-Wilcox was the first company in Canada to introduce sectional overhead doors and establish nationwide distribution channels. In the 1970s, RW launched a full line of steel sectional doors. In the 1980s, we began production of a continuous polyurethane insulated section – one of only three lines of its kind in North America.

The subsequent decades have brought continual improvements to our product offerings and manufacturing processes, including the addition of a full range of residential polyurethane insulated sectional doors. Celebrating our first centenary, RW is proud of our rich history of excellence. We are committed to be innovators of sectional door design and purpose to be the highest quality door systems manufacturer in the world.

Quality Production

Every aspect of our manufacturing operation is subject to the highest standards. Our team of engineers is dedicated to researching state-of-the-art design and production methods. An in-house testing facility and uncompromising quality control inspections make certain that only premium products leave the premises. Using the best available materials and technology guarantees that the finished door system will be reliable, strong, and worry-free for years to come.

RW Authorized Dealers – Best In The Business

From the initial planning stages to final installation, RW Authorized Dealers and Installers are located in over 40 countries around the globe to provide you with expert service and advice. They can help you select the right door system for your home and ensure that it is installed to run smoothly, efficiently and provide many years of trouble free operation. Additional support is readily available from our excellent customer service team and sales staff.


At RW, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our CFC/HCFC free Neufoam™ insulation is zero-ozone depleting and provides significant energy savings for your home. RW door systems can be credited in the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification program for recycled contents, efficiencies, occupant’s comfort, and innovative design.