Culture & Values

Core Values

  • Show Integrity
    • We consistently live our values and stand up for what’s right.
    • We are honest, we communicate openly, and we do what we say we are going to do.​
  • Deliver Service
    • Service is our promise and at the core of everything we do.
    • Exceptional service to our customers and colleagues is what sets R-W apart.
  • Be Positive
    • Our attitudes are contagious! ​We lift each other up with positivity, and our winning spirits inspire us to overcome obstacles.​
  • Work as a Team
    • Our success or failure is not individual, it is interdependent. ​We work together to achieve better outcomes, build camaraderie, and have some fun along the way.​
  • Have Grit
    • We are people who get things done. ​Our passion, perseverance, and stamina make us respected, dependable, and promotable.​
  • Embrace Family
    • The R-W family extends to our team, customers, suppliers, and communities.​
    • We hold each other accountable and care for each other as family.​​

Our People and Culture

Richards-Wilcox Canada is an innovative and dynamic organization with a long and rich history as a manufacturer of superior quality sectional door products, hardware and accessories for both residential and commercial applications. R-W maintains a leading-edge technology that has allowed us to expand our global reach. We have built our reputation on customer service and know that our customers are always our priority.

The key to our success is ultimately our people. Being a member of the Richards-Wilcox Canada family is a fantastic experience, which our employees can attest to. The Company’s employee-centered approach encompasses balance, integrity and a synergy that is unsurpassed in the industry. From entry-level positions to the President, we are all spokes in the wheel that drives our success and each one of us makes an equal and valuable contribution to the Company every day, in every way.