Can Good Looking Garages Help You Sell Your Home Or Make You Stay?

Published on October 11, 2021

People often contemplate selling their home as-is or doing some renovations to make it more attractive and get a higher return on their investment (ROI). Some features like a premium garage door, for example, will affect the price when trying to sell. But it may also encourage the current owners to stay because their home looks more attractive. So why do homeowners opt to change their garage doors?

Why Do Some People Renovate?

Many people choose to renovate because it helps to improve the aesthetics of their property, which will add to the overall price tag when they sell. The ROI (return on interest) is worth the investment.

Other people wanted to upgrade their homes to suit their lifestyle and not merely as an upgrade in style or appearance.

The lowest percentage of people agreed that upgrading their property was mainly done because they wanted a change in their home and their lives.

The Outcome of Renovations

A majority of people decide to stay in their newly renovated homes since this will be like moving into a new place. Plus, they were able to add signature finishes to the design. The customer experience and sense of accomplishment make many owners proud to continue living in their newly remodelled homes.

A lower percentage were happy to stay because the new installations made their life easier, and it was a home they now enjoy more than they did prior to the reno.

Are all the trouble and expense worth going through in renovations? By the looks of it, many families are satisfied and happier in their new homes after the renovations.

A feature that stood out for many homes is the garage doors, and there are many reasons why people opt to change or improve their current garage door.

Why Are Garage Doors So Valuable In A Reno?

Garage doors are often the front of the house and the first thing a person sees when visiting a place. If the garage door looks old and rusty, it won’t make a great first impression. Trying to sell a home with a garage door that looks like something out of a horror movie will put buyers off. Buyers also consider what they have to put in and the expenses they need to add to make the new home a place they’re 100% happy with.

Getting a New Garage Door

Garage doors can be expensive given the types of materials used as well as the way it functions (automatic, manual etc.)

When families sell their homes after replacing their old garage door, they get a good ROI because they can include the expense in the sale of the house. It’s often a win-win, and the next owners won’t need to fix the garage door problem.

A Fresh Coat of Paint or Varnish

If the garage door doesn’t need all that much work, then a fresh coat of paint or two or varnish will refresh the look. Homeowners will save on costs by brightening up their old garage door without the expense of having to replace it if it’s not due to be replaced.

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