Black Garage Doors Are the New Trend

Published on October 24, 2023

Are you hoping to spark instant curb appeal at home? Perhaps you may want to consider a black garage door.

This new colour trend is helping houses stand out, but aesthetics are only a small part of why. Read on for more about black doors for your garage so that you can consider your options.

The Benefits of a Black Garage Door

Black is a bold tone and makes a major statement in your neighbourhood. It’s an ultra-modern style. However, black doors also bring the following benefits to your property as a whole:

  • Curb appeal: Black doors stand out, which makes your property “pop” from the street.
  • Value: Updating your garage door always adds value to your home, as it’s a form of home improvement.
  • Beautiful: Black doors are sleek, stylish, and modern compared to traditional shades like beige, white, or grey.

Black Doors Are On The Money For The Design Trends 

According to the 2020 Colour Trends Survey by Building Design + Construction, interior and exterior colour choices are more important than they were a decade ago. Homeowners and potential buyers look for eye-catching colours that enhance a home’s unique ambiance. If you want to sell soon, updating your home with black garage doors or black trim ensures outdated home styles aren’t holding you back.

You may also want to consider a modern window placement for your door. This would include stacking windows vertically instead of positioned horizontally, like with traditional garage doors

Maintaining Black Doors: Tips To Make a Home Stand Out

With black doors in the garage, you’ll enjoy several advantages, but they require specific upkeep to really enhance your home’s look. Make the most out of your black garage doors by following these important tips:

Choose the Right Materials

Not all garage doors are made the same. If you’re installing a black door, steel over wood makes a world of difference. Black wooden doors are less durable, and the colour is more pronounced on steel.

Use Proper Cleaning Techniques

When cleaning black garage doors, the right products are a must. Wooden doors require mild soap and water, while steel doors simply need water and a soft cloth. Using any type of cleaning product on steel may quickly damage the finish. Learn more about cleaning and maintaining your garage door here. 

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