Converting Your Garage for More Living Space? Review These Considerations First

Converting Your Garage for More Living Space? Review These Considerations First

Most people eventually need more space in their homes. Rather than re-enter the Real Estate market for a larger home, a popular trend right now is to convert part, or all, of the garage into more living space. You can convert the space in the garage into a game room, bedroom, extra bathroom, expanded kitchen, kid’s playroom, home office, and more.

By converting part of the space and retaining part of it for storage or to park one vehicle, you can also boost the value of your home. Before you start clearing out the garage and starting a conversion project, you will want to take some time to evaluate your needs, determine a project budget, and plan your project using these considerations:

1 What is the shape and size of the garage?

Think about how you currently access your garage from your house. Is the connecting door on the back of the garage or the sidewall? The location of the door can influence your design and how you allocate the space in the garage for the conversion.

2 Do you want to convert part or all the garage space?

If you have an extra-large garage with excess space, you might be able to use half of it for the conversion and still have plenty of room for a two-car garage. How much space you use will determine other factors and project costs.

3 What type of insulation does the garage have or lacks?

You will want the new living space to be insulated in most cases. Otherwise, come winter, you won’t be enjoying your new space because it will be too cold.

4 Do you want to heat or cool the new space?

Do you plan on having your contractor run ductwork to the new living space in the garage and connect it to your existing HVAC system? Some people also choose to get a separate heating and cooling system, like using radiant heating and wall- mounted split AC system.

5 What type of electrical outlets and lighting are needed?

You will probably want additional lighting and electrical outlets in your new living space. It is a good idea to make sure these are installed after framing is completed, but before insulation and drywall go up.

6 What types of doors will you need?

If you are retaining part of the space to use as a garage or for storage, you will want to upgrade to an insulated garage door for easy access. If you want access from the new living space into the garage space, you will want to choose a regular insulated door, much like you have now for access from the main house into the garage.

7 Do you want to add some windows?

Adding windows can add to the project costs but can make the new space feel more open and inviting, rather than a room that is completely dark and closed off when the lights are off.

By thinking about these things and deciding what you want, your garage conversion project will be a success. For help finding a new insulated garage door for your garage, or to locate the nearest authorized Richards-Wilcox dealer in your area, please feel to browse our website or contact us today!