4 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Warm This Winter

4 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Warm This Winter

If you are like most people, you use your garage for storing all sorts of items, as well as a place to park your car. During the colder winter months, it can get rather cold in the garage. Cold is not always best for certain items you keep in the garage, such as paint, cleaning supplies, and other types of liquids.

How do you go about ensuring your garage is kept warm in the winter? You start by using these great ideas to help maintain warmer temperatures in your garage. Doing these things now, will not only keep the garage warm in winter but also help keep it cooler in summer.

Tip #1: Insulate the Garage Walls

If your garage is not insulated, there is no protection from the cold. If you have insulation already, place your hand on one of the walls. If it feels cold, you could benefit from adding more insulation. There are easy ways to do this, like having spray foam insulation added inside the walls.




Tip #2: Replace the Weather-Stripping on Your Garage Door

You should replace the weather-stripping on your garage door annually to ensure a solid seal when the door is closed. Weather-stripping helps keep snow, water, ice, and cold air out of the garage.

Tip #3: Upgrade to a New Insulated Garage Door

If your garage door is not insulated, you are losing heat through the door and allowing cold into the garage. Insulated garage doors provide another layer of protection to keep your garage warmer.

As an added benefit, many homeowners discover their heating costs decline somewhat after getting a new insulated garage door in Canada since the cold air from the garage isn’t getting into the home.

Tip #4: Install a Heater in the Garage

There are different types of heaters that are perfect to help keep the garage warmer. If your furnace is in the garage, another option is to install a new air duct, so the garage is heated whenever the furnace runs. Some people also opt for a gas or wood-burning stove when they use their garage frequently as a workshop, playroom, music room, or for other such purposes.

A heater works best if the garage is insulated, you have an insulated garage door, and you have newly installed weather-stripping. So, make sure to do these other things, as well, for maximum protection from the cold.

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